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Commercial Contracts and Negotiation

We are commercial contract and negotiation specialists who draft and negotiate commercial contracts every day. Unlike the average law firm, we understand business and the issues you face, and are better placed to give you the help you need. We offer practical advice and guidance in plain English, based on sound contractual principles and extensive business experience, to help you make the right commercial decisions.


When you receive a contract, agreement or set of terms and conditions from a client or supplier to which you are asked to agree it is almost certain that the contract will be drafted in favour of your client or supplier. Most companies do not have their own legal department so are left with the choice of just accepting the contract and hoping that nothing goes wrong or sending it to a lawyer to review. While lawyers tend to focus on what you can’t do, our focus is on helping you sell more, while managing your risk. We have many years of direct sales experience, so we know what it’s like to balance the desire to close a deal with the need to make it profitable.


At IRL our in depth knowledge and experience of reviewing and negotiating contract terms at all levels provides you with the benefits of a commercial department when you need it, without the expense of employing specialist staff. IRL is not only less expensive than a lawyer but is able to do more for you.


We can support your sales and help you increase your business and profitability:

· Are you concerned about commitments made by your sales team, that come back to hit your profitability?
· Are your business wins delayed while you wait for legal to create contracts?
· Does your team create new agreements by simply changing the names on the last one they signed?
· Are you overloaded, having to personally approve every contract that passes through the business?

· Would you like your team to be more self-sufficient in creating and negotiating contracts, without exposing your business to more risk


We can help:

· We learn all about your product or service, including how it’s sold and delivered
· We investigate any issues you’ve encountered during past negotiations, and work with you to agree a sensible route through them, including approved alternative drafting
· We can develop your team’s contractual competence so that they’re equipped to tackle the common contractual negotiation scenarios
· We’ll help your staff to protect the business without overloading your executive team or incurring huge legal costs
- We can support you with your more challenging contract negotiations, helping you to negotiate great deals with even the biggest of clients, suppliers and or partners.



If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please contact us:

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