Legal Advisers and Consultants
Legal Advisers and Consultants


Our experience within this field means we can support your procurement process from beginning to end, advising and providing practical support on the following:
  • Drafting Pre-Tender questionnaires
  • Writing the specification and invitation to tender
  • Evaluating responses
  • Negotiating contract terms
  • Implementation
  • Guidance on contract law
  • Contract analysis
  • Creation of service level agreements to reduce risk and ensure compliance
  • Streamline supply chains and integrate relationships with suppliers
  • Supplier performance
Supplier Performance Review
With the increasing reliance on strategic partners to deliver services to your clients it is vital that their service is reviewed and measured to ensure you are getting the best value from the relationship.
Typically when a review of a supplier’s service is undertaken the focus is on statistical information such as: number of orders placed v number delivered, timeliness of delivery, accuracy of delivery etc. Whilst this approach goes some way to measuring performance it does not capture information on the key areas of relationship, service, management or the general perception and satisfaction of your managers. Thus the full picture of a supplier’s performance is not obtained.
To address this issue IRL has developed the Performance Assessment Review model to enable a thorough evaluation of the performance of suppliers in addition to the traditional statistical data. The Performance Review will: Evaluate and Benchmark the supplier’s performance, identify key areas for improvement, discover any undeclared issues and provide the framework for continuous improvement. We will then work with you to develop a strategy to implement the suggested improvements. As a result the service provided by your supplier to you and your clients is one that is monitored, controlled and constantly refined and improved.
To ensure you are getting the best value from your suppliers why not contact us to arrange a demonstration.. (


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